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Clearyst° is a team of high performers with an entrepreneurial spirit. We have a special culture filled with deep experience including data science, finance, human capital, innovation, and sustainability. We are curious, quantitative, and inspired to do good.

Paul Ghiz
Paul GhizCo-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Paul spent 25 years as an impact tech entrepreneur and conscious leader with experience helping teams solve problems with exponential thinking. His passion for people, environment, and technology inspired the founding of Clearyst° where he leads a world-class team.

Paul grew up in the natural beauty of West Virginia where charity and service were modeled by his parents. He graduated from Miami University in Ohio and soon partnered in a tech startup designing web sites and content management systems for the E.W. Scripps Company. The company was later sold to Internet Broadcasting Systems. In 1997, he founded Global Cloud, the creators of DonorDrive digital fundraising SaaS platform serving the enterprise nonprofit and corporate social responsibility markets. After DonorDrive was acquired in 2018, Paul remained on to help achieve the 2021 IPO of its parent company EngageSmart (NYSE: ESMT).

Paul is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Clearyst Inc. and Green Business Bureau, a Trustee for Frank Melville Memorial Foundation as well as Advisor to Stony Brook University’s Center for Innovation. Paul's family lives on Long Island where he enjoys fatherhood, coaching, volunteering, and many outdoor activities.

Why is ESG important to you? I’ve been personally influenced by the effects of environmental health damages caused by an industrial disaster. I believe everyone should do their part to help provide a safe and clean environment. In business, I’ve seen firsthand that aligning the values and purpose of your workforce provides a strong culture and catalyst for outsized growth and impact.

Fun fact(s)?  Paul's grandfather was friends with Sam Snead, one of the greatest golfers of all time.

Chris Robinson
Chris RobinsonCo-Founder, President & COO

Chris Robinson is the Co-Founder, President, and Chief Operating Officer of Clearyst° Inc. Prior to co-founding Clearyst°, Chris was an M&A investment banker for Goldman Sachs at both the global headquarters in New York City and Dallas, where he executed 20 transactions representing more than $30bn of enterprise value across various sectors including technology, consumer, industrials, and financial services.

Chris is an accomplished leader with international experience. As a former Marine Corps Officer, F/A-18 fighter pilot, and instructor, he spent more than a decade leading diverse teams of all sizes in various high-stakes environments around the globe. This experience has given Chris a unique perspective on dealing with uncertainty and solving problems with limited resources and information. He enjoys finding ways to create alignment across various stakeholder groups and creating value through sustained high performance.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and Political Science from Boston College where he was in the Honors Program, and obtained an MBA at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Chris completed the Veteran-in-Residence program with Bunker Labs. He is on the Board of Directors of Clearyst Inc., Green Business Bureau, and 51 Vets, a nonprofit focused on providing career transition services and mentorship to military veterans from the special forces and fighter pilot communities. Chris resides in Dallas, TX with his wife, four children, and two dogs.

Why is ESG important to you? For me, founding Clearyst was an amazing opportunity to create lasting value through serving a higher purpose and blending mission with business together. As a father, I feel a personal calling to leave the world a better and more sustainable place for my four children.

Fun fact(s)? Chris flew the flyover for game 1 of the World Series in 2013, where the St. Louis Cardinals visited the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

Kari Boots
Kari BootsSr. Director of Operations

As Clearyst's Head of Operations, Kari oversees strategy execution, business operations, and performance management for Clearyst and its operating companies. With nearly two decades of cross-functional experience, she leverages her deep expertise in business operations, customer experience, technology, and software product development to achieve operational excellence through meaningful impact and results.

Kari is known for her pragmatic approach, delivering simple solutions to complex problems while helping align organizations to drive rapid growth. She is dedicated to helping scale growing companies through innovation, strategy, insight, and organizational transformation. A true believer in the value of authentic and collaborative leadership, Kari empowers teams to reach successful outcomes.

Kari lives in the Kansas City metro area with her dog, Finn. She enjoys spending time at the lake, visiting her family farm, catching her favorite bands in concert, and hosting dinner parties where she gets to pretend to be a BBQ pitmaster.

Why is ESG important to you? I grew up on a farm in rural Kansas, where I learned firsthand the significance of land and wildlife conservation from my father and the importance and influence of community from my small-town upbringing. Carrying those lessons learned from childhood, I continue to be an avid conservationist and a true believer in driving community advocacy through mentorship and volunteerism.

Fun fact? Kari used to be a DJ. She loves to talk music and dominates at music trivia.

Krissana Wallace
Krissana WallaceDirector, People & Culture

Krissana is a passionate People Ops leader in tech, redefining how employees of all levels are valued, elevated, and seen. With her 10+ years of experience, she has had the privilege of building People Ops functions from the ground up, and influencing powerful, undeniable cultures.

Always having people in mind, she prides herself in perfecting the employee experience. This starts with Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (and yes, Clearyst° takes it seriously). Krissana leads Clearyst° in this way by asking tough questions, driving inclusive hiring practices, and creating spaces for employees to bring their entire selves to work.

Krissana lives just outside of Boston with her husband, daughter, cat, dog, and chickens. She loves to spend time outside gardening, fishing, canoeing, photographing nature, and exploring different local state forests.

Why is ESG important to you? I have been surrounded by nature my entire life. My favorite place on Earth is the Adirondack mountains where I learned to fish, canoe, sail, make fires, and above all, take care of the land while doing it. While living in Costa Rica I learned the damaging effects of pollution, seeing mounds of plastic bottles and trash on even the most remote, beautiful beaches. At home I was raised to treat everyone fairly, lend a hand to people in need, and to show compassion. These experiences on top of many others have shaped who I am today, and is why ESG will always be an important part of my life.

Fun fact? Krissana has a strong intrinsic drive to help folx in need. For example, she likes to collect hotel shampoos and soaps and donate them to local homeless people when she travels.

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