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Life at Clearyst° is fun, rewarding, and fosters an enriching remote workplace culture. Our collective experience, diversity, and aligned values create a thriving environment. Check out our open positions and benefits below.

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Do you want to be a part of creating a more sustainable world? We are on a mission to do just that and it takes talented people with an aligned purpose. We value everyone's part and together we can make history.

Life at Clearyst°

Clearyst° is made up of passionate high performers who are focused on excellence in everything we do while making an impact on this world. Having fun, winning, and creating value for our customers are a few reasons life at Clearyst° is awesome.

Remote First

At Clearyst°, we believe that work isn't a place you go, it's something you love to do regardless of where you do it. We do not have a physical office, but that doesn't stop us from getting together whenever we can. With employees located in Kansas City, Boston, Portland, Dallas, and New York, we are slowly building an army of lean mean talent all across the United States.

Asynchronous Culture

As a remote company, we enjoy the liberties of working from home as asynchronously as possible. To help us do that, we’ve invested in products such as Slack, Atlassian, Google, HubSpot, and more to help us unleash the power of our individual minds and never miss a beat.

Monthly Business Reviews

To stay aligned as we navigate through the many exciting areas of our business, we use Monthly Business Reviews (MBRs) to update each other on priority items, operating company news, and company announcements. Quarterly, we update each other on our Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to ensure we are all kept up to speed on the goals that we set for ourselves at the beginning of each year.

Team Building

Each month, the team gets together to learn about a new topic. Whether it be sustainability technology related, industry news related, or just getting together for some fun, we make sure to take a break from the day to day to connect. Additionally, we come together for periodic workshops or activities, and annually rally for various charitable causes. Every time the team gets together, we come away stronger.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Clearyst°

At Clearyst°, inclusiveness and diversity of thought powers our extraordinary culture and exponential mindset. Our foundation is the strongest when individual journeys intersect and forge clear connections to drive growth and impact for humanity and our planet. We strive for a world where DEI is second nature to all and every day we vow to manifest that mission throughout our existence.

You are Valued

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Our values intentionally reflect and make up the word CLEAR. It not only reinforces our mission, but reminds us that we should never lose sight of what binds us together. At Clearyst°, our values are worn on our sleeves and are the foundation for our hiring practices and cultural initiatives.

Compassion for All – We are empathetic towards People, and hold responsibility for the well-being of our Planet.

Legacy Impact – We embrace legacy defining moments to ensure a lasting impact on humanity and our environment.

Exponential Mindsets – We are 10x thinkers who create ESG value through our sustainability tech solutions.

Authenticity Always – We are open, honest, diverse, inclusive, and true to who we are as unique individuals.

Results-Driven – We are deliberately results-oriented in our planning and execution of goals and objectives.


People are the greatest asset and it is important they are supported in many ways.

The Basics – Clearyst° offers generous contributions to the company health, dental, and vision plans, as well as fully paid disability and life insurance for all full time employees. Employees also have the option to enroll in critical illness, hospital and accident insurance coverages.

Unlimited PTO – As long as we are all marching forward and delivering on the objectives we set forth for ourselves at the beginning of each year, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take the time you need!

Holidays – Clearyst° pays for 12 holidays for all full time employees.

Paid Medical Leave – Life happens, and Clearyst° is here to support employees during their hardest times. If you, your spouse, or dependent needs time off to take care of medical issues, we have your back and will cover up to four weeks of paid time off.

Parental Leave – Clearyst° understands the importance of family times, and encourages it always. To support this effort, Clearyst° offers eight weeks of parental leave for both primary and secondary caregivers. Parental leave can be used for the birth of a child, adoption of a child, or placement of a foster child.

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