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Where Passion for Sustainability Meets Professional Growth

At Clearyst°, enjoy a fun, rewarding remote culture that thrives on diversity, shared values, and collective experience.


A Team Driven by
Clear Values

Our values intentionally reflect and make up the word CLEAR. It not only reinforces our mission, but reminds us that we should never lose sight of what binds us together. At Clearyst°, our values are worn on our sleeves and are the foundation for our hiring practices and cultural initiatives.

Compassion for All

We are empathetic towards People, and hold responsibility for the well-being of our Planet.

Legacy Impact

We embrace legacy defining moments to ensure a lasting impact on humanity and our environment.

Exponential Mindsets

We are 10x thinkers who create ESG value through our sustainability tech solutions.

Authenticity Always

We are open, honest, diverse, inclusive, and true to who we are as unique individuals.


We are deliberately results-oriented in our planning and execution of goals and objectives.

Life at Clearyst°

Clearyst° is made up of passionate high performers who are focused on excellence in everything we do while making an impact on this world. Through a servant leadership model, our leaders remove barriers allowing employees to flourish. The result is an autonomous, empathetic, and high-performing culture that is rewarding and fun!

Remote First

At Clearyst°, we redefine work as a pursuit driven by passion rather than a designated space. Operating without a physical office, our team members are free to work where they please. Whether that be at home, from a hotel, or a plane, as long as our work gets done, it doesn't matter where.

Async Culture
Performance Alignment

Staying abreast of each other's priorities while working in a remote environment is of utmost importance. Using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), every employee from our CEOs to our interns are aware of what each other are working on, at all times.

Monthly Business Reviews

Maintaining alignment in a remote environment is crucial. Through Monthly Business Reviews (MBRs), we keep each other updated on priority items, company news, and announcements. Quarterly status updates on Objectives and Key Results (OKRS) further ensure that everyone remains informed and laser focused on how we are executing on our goals.

Async Culture
Team Building

Monthly, our team gathers virtually to explore diverse topics – from sustainability and tech to industry news or just for some fun. We break from our daily routine to connect, engage in workshops, and strengthen our bonds.

Remote, Connected, Collaborative

At Clearyst°, we redefine work, emphasizing passion over a fixed location. Without a physical office, our team works flexibly, anywhere, ensuring results matter more than the location.

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Asynchronously Connected

We embrace an asynchronous work culture with the help of tools like HubSpot, 15Five, Atlassian, Google, and Slack, enabling our team to collaborate flexibly and stay connected, regardless of geographical or time constraints.

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Health Perks

We offer generous contributions to the company health, dental, and vision plans. Including coverage for domestic partners. We also offer fully paid short and long term disability insurance.

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Parental Leave

Nothing is more important than family. We offer eight weeks of fully paid parental leave for our employees so they're able to form strong bonds with their adoptive, foster or birth children.

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Mental Health Care

We provide access to Spring Health for free therapy, personal coaching, and meditation advice.

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Family Medical Leave

We support employees during challenging times by offering up to four weeks of paid medical leave affecting you, your spouse/domestic partner, or a dependent.

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Extended Bereavement Leave

Who are we to judge who you should grieve? Take up to four weeks of fully paid bereavement leave for the loss of any loved one.

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Unlimited PTO

As long as we're achieving our yearly objectives, there's no reason why you shouldn't take the time you need. Your well-being is important to us.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Clearyst°

At Clearyst°, inclusiveness and diversity of thought powers our extraordinary culture and exponential mindset. Our foundation is the strongest when individual journeys intersect and forge clear connections to drive growth and impact for humanity and our planet. We strive for a world where DEI is second nature to all and every day we vow to manifest that mission throughout our existence.

Female Leadership

At Clearyst we value female leadership at all levels of our organization.

Psychological Safety

100% of employees say they are not afraid to be themselves at work.


100% of employees feel management practices are fair, equitable and impartial.

Great Place to Work 2024-2025

100% of Our Employees Say That When You Join the Company, You are Made to Feel Welcome

Empowering Growth

“Working for this startup is an awesome opportunity to help the business grow from the beginning. Being able to collaborate with other team members and learn from their perspectives enables professional growth.”

Virtual High-Fives

“I appreciate the fun, supportive company culture that allows all of us to boost each other up and celebrate the wins so efforts don't go entirely unnoticed.”

Collaborative Culture

“Clearyst has very open communication which makes it easy to collaborate with others.”

Open Positions

Be a part of our mission to create a more sustainable world! It takes talented people with an aligned purpose. We value everyone's part and together we can make history.

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